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The Ezaly Done Hypnosis Programs will teach you how the conscious and subconscious mind work and how to control your mind to control behavior. By training your mind and body to act, think and feel like the way you determine, your life responds to new positive ideas and it's all Ezaly Done!


Absolutely not, however we do work with many physicians to ensure that your health is managed appropriately. Our unique approach is holistic and designed to help you in all areas of your life.


Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. People do respond differently at various times and that is a great reason we offer a free consultation to determine if hypnosis is a good fit for you! If it is not, we'll let you know immediately.

- Have you ever daydreamed?
- Have you ever driven past your destination?
- Have you ever read a book and hours went by?

Those are all hypnotic states of mind.

Think of it like this.
You have a situation.
You might be overweight, a smoker or stressed out, (or you wouldn't be reading this now).

Somewhere along the line you have adopted a belief, lifestyle or internal program that doesn't make sense any longer.

Whenever you accept an idea, no matter what that idea is, we call it hypnosis. All things suggested to you whether by others or by yourself is nothing more than a belief system.

What we do is offer your mind/body a new possibility, new positive outcomes that allows your mind/body to make changes easily.

Can you remember a time when you made a decision to do something like buy a car, a home, a new dress or pair of pants? Your mind has a blueprint for making positive decisions and we simply help that part of your mind decide to lose weight.

Once you get it, you got it!?


Not at all. If you are asking the question you probably have seen a comedy hypnosis show were the hypnotist has volunteers doing all sorts of amusing antics. The reality is that the stage hypnotist is responsible for many individuals natural curiosity with hypnosis. People often think, if that person I know or I am watching can actually change everything just with the snap of a finger, I wonder what I can change? That brings us to why you are here. The use of clinical hypnosis is for the specific purpose of helping you to change old outdated beliefs and behaviors.

Using hypnosis to change the mind to change your life can all be Ezaly Done!


The Ezaly Done Naturally Thin Weight Loss Program levels the up and down emotional aspects of weight loss while keeping you focused on your goals.

The Ezaly Done Naturally Thin Weight Loss Program helps you to take the necessary actions required to overcome personal barriers to your weight loss success. Inside your mind resides the will to make positive change. We help you to make those changes with our unique and proven approach to internal health.


The Ezaly Done Naturally Thin Weight Loss Program will teach you the keys to successfully managing your weight and life with proven techniques! Once you begin your program, you'll probably be like countless others who have taken control of their health by adapting simple strategies to get your body back to it's natural healthy self. In addition to your program we provide you with nutritional education to help you understand the various aspects of problems related to being overweight inclduding Type 2 Diabetes. You'll love the way you act, think and feel!


Okay, that's a funny one. You can eat whatever you desire, however you will begin to find a natural attraction to foods and lifestyles that promote weight loss and bring you back into a state of balance.


"When I "hobbled" in your office all I knew was that I promised by grandkids I would stop smoking. You promised me you would help me to be successful. I kept a daily dairy before I saw you and was smoking 100 - 106 cigarettes a day! I am now smoke free. Thank you and my grand kids thank you." Earl age 76

"My friends thought I was crazy. Hypnosis to lose weight? 43 pounds and burning fat be the minute. Now they follow me to class. They could have started when I did. Catch me if you can!" Sue

"I want to update you on my progress. I am finally out of the 200's and actually at 198 lbs. I'm going to make minus 40 pounds before my 4 month anniversary on the 14th. I am so happy with my progress and I stay motivated and am determined to see this to the end. I look back on my progress and can't believe I'm 38 pounds down since April. I am so glad I found Ezaly Done; it's one of the best things I have ever done for myself!" Take care, Sherry.....

"I am learning more each day how to use the tools you have provided me to continue on this journey of being tobacco free. It's funny how your mind is programmed sometimes. I realized I have been smoking cigarettes longer than anything in my life, except breathing. Starting to notice new things, like how some foods now taste, how I can smell things better (sometimes the smell is worse,LOL), how my breathing is better and sinus problems are diminishing. I am free!!! My father has been free for one year now. He is 83 years old and started smoking at age 12! So if he can quit anyone can." Terri

"This morning I weigh ten pounds less than I weighed two days after the weight loss program you put on. I feel good. Today, I met my one month weight goal!" Sincerely, Lorrie

"I have been in Berlin for a while receiving some high level Buddhist teachings. It was an amazing experience. During much of my time there, I had little control of my food choices and major restraints on my time for exercise. The event I was attending hired a local caterer to provide vegetarian meals. I suspect the catered had little knowledge regarding vegetarian cooking. To me, it was WAY TOO MANY carbs and fat - lots and lots and lots of ways to cook potatoes with rich sauces. Delicious but.... Apparently, it was very "authentic". One gentleman I had dinner with grew up in the region and said the food reminded him of his mother's cooking.
Anyway, thanks to your training, I was able to really savor the meals, eat slowly, and eat only as much as my body needed. I was surprised to find that when I returned home, I had lost two pounds.
I continue on the downward trend. According to my scale I weigh 136. That would be about 134 on your scale. That would be one pound UNDER my goal.
Since this was so easy, I have moved the goal out 5 more pounds. No problem. I just need to keep following the principles, the changes I learned.
Thanks for the work you do". Best Regards, Diane"

"Remember the fellow that sat to my left? He has lost fifteen pounds. That's 15 pounds in 3 weeks!!" Joan

"Thanks for your help. I'm down 59 pounds and I now enjoy exercising and have changed the way I think about food." Ramona

"I was skeptical at first. I smoked 2 packs a day for over 30 years. Now I don't. Call now before it's too late." Donna

Take a moment now and listen to the video below and you can experience how pleasant if feels to relax.
As you let go you can begin to wonder just how easy it will be for you to make positive changes
in a very relaxing way! Enjoy and please share with your friends....


That you have lost all the weight and are now the size and shape you desire.

A lifestyle that truly supports your goals, a lifestyle that is fun, easy, healthy.

With everything EzalyDone as your partner, your coach, your friend.

Your new thin attitude will help you:
- Conquer old unwanted behaviors
- Eliminate cravings
- Reduce stress
- Think thin
- Act thin
- Give your body appropriate nutritional support.
- End hunger pangs and be given a sincere opportunity to conquer the "fat" routine.
- Give you more confidence in yourself and attract more success because you feel better about yourself, naturally!

Imagine the incredible freedom you'll have in your life.

The Ezaly Done Naturally Thin Weight Loss Program will make weight loss safe, easy and permanent.

With your Ezaly Done Naturally Thin Weight Loss Program we also offer you the choice of appropriate nutritional supplements that are scientifically developed to help speed up your metabolism, give your body the proper nutrition it needs and nourish your mind with our special Hypnosis procedures. This ensures you reach your weight release goal safely and nutritionally. I wish I could just tell you to go out and eat healthy foods and I do, however in today's world the majority of all foods are low in nutrients your body needs to be successful. The great news is the fact that the individuals that do use our supplements at first find quick, healthy weight loss amazingly simple. Once you reach your goal a simple maintenance plan is put into place to ensure life long success!

Understand that supplements are not necessary and any extra support we may recommend will be entirely up to you. No hassles. We work together as a team to help you get the results you expect!


Once you, make an appointment, you are already on your way to making a positive change in your life. For most people the biggest hurdle is making that first appointment.
We make it simple because your first no-hassle appointment is absolutely FREE.

Once you come inside you'll realize that something different is going to take place that will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Immediately you will feel very comfortable knowing that others have gone before you and have created life changing solutions!


At your Ezaly Done Hypnosis Center you will feel comfortable with our state of the art proprietary methods that actually help you to become calm. We use cutting edge programs and the very latest advancements in hypnosis, nlp, visualization, light & sound, bio-communication technology along with our other unique methods you'll be introduced to as part of your overall Ezaly Done program for lasting change!
Over 30 years of hypnosis experience to ensure that you get the results you want, when you want them, now.


No. Please check with your accountant. When prescribed by a physician you may be eligible for tax credits that can offset any costs. Many insurance companies may also provide help so you'll need to check your policy or ask your agent it they offer any reimbursement. Remember, we do not do billing OR accept any insurance. You must make payment to us and then work with your agency.

The good news either way is that as you lose weight or stop smoking and get healthy your health costs decrease because your immune system becomes stronger.
And it's all Ezaly Done!


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