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          IN'S Linear Ball Bearing System Case Unit
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          IN'S Linear Ball Bearing System Tolerances for inside diameter of housing
          IN'S offer various types Linear Bushing Case Units for designing of linear motion systems. Precisely machined Aluminum Cases are standardized for providing interchangeablity, less cost and less designing time.

       Case Unit
           The case is compact and light weight, and the standard type Linear Bushing is assembled inside.

      SMA type
          Standard type Aluminum Case Unit.
          Simple mounting with mounting bolt to the table.

      SMA  W type
          Assembled with double standard type Linear Bushing in a long Aluminum Case.

      SMA V type
          Short type Aluminum Case Unit with a standard type Linear Bushing.

          More compact design than SC(E) type is available.

          Clearance adjustable type Aluminum Case Unit by slotting in axial direction.
          If high precise positioning is required, SCJ type can minimize the effect of clearance between shaft and Case Unit.

       Part Number Notation
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