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Ezaly Done offers a variety of proprietary and self-empowering programs to help you reach your personal & professional goals.

If you don't see it below, as us! Our goal is to help you make positive changes quickly and easily.

Our most popular programs targe wight loss, smoking cessation and stress management.

You'll enjoy that we love to help you eliminate pain, sleep better, play better golf and have more confidence and motivation!

We work hard to ensure everything you want and everything you really need, is Ezaly Done.

Ezaly Done Naturally Thin Program

We offer FREE Consultations to determine
your specific needs to ensure what we offer IS perfect just for you!!

Stop Smoking

One 2 Hour Session


Stress has many names. Fears, phobias, addictions, relationships, public speaking,
sports performance & much more.
Ask us how we can banish your anxieties
once and for all!
Reduce or eliminate pain. A free consultation
will help us determine how we may assist
you to live a pain free life.
Learn to sleep peacefully each night with our exclusive SleepNow™ technology. Ahhh!!
Nee more focus and better concentration to find your "zone"? That is what we are here for! You'll SEE the results immediately in front of you.
Want something you don't see, something that
can help guide you on your journey of life?
Our personal life coaching may be what you
are searching for. Let's talk about it!


Every Tuesday we offer a FREE information night for you to ge comfortable
and discover exactly how hypnosis works! You must reserve ahead of time
and also bring a friend with you to attend.

**Each location is independently operated so call to ensure this is currently offered.

Learn new skills, gain confidence, relax easily, update your internal dialogue,
develop a new circle of supportive friends and best of all, enjoy your results!

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